Spain Women’s Football Team Ends Boycott of Nations League Games

The Spain women’s football team has agreed to end their boycott of the Nations League games after an agreement was reached between the team, the Spanish football federation (RFEF), and the Spanish government’s national sports agency (CSD). The boycott started after the then RFEF president Luis Rubiales kissed forward Jenni Hermoso without her consent after Spain’s victory in the Women’s World Cup final. The kiss led to Rubiales’ resignation and the sacking of Spain manager Jorge Vilda. However, most of the players have now decided to play the next two games against Sweden and Switzerland after “friendly” talks were held in Valencia. The RFEF has committed to immediate and profound changes, and a joint commission will be created to monitor and follow up on these agreements. With the boycott ended, the players who chose not to play will not face sanctions, and they will explore potential legal implications of being called up against their wishes. The CSD also announced that a commission would be established to focus on equality policies, equal pay, and improving the infrastructure of women’s sport. This development marks a positive step toward resolving the issues raised by the players and fostering a more inclusive environment in women’s football in Spain.