Gabon’s Commonwealth Membership Suspended after Coup

Gabon has been partially suspended from the Commonwealth after military commanders carried out a coup ousting President Ali Bongo. The decision was made by Commonwealth foreign ministers meeting on the margins of the United Nations general assembly. The suspension comes as a response to the unconstitutional removal of the elected government from office, and it aims to exert pressure on Gabon to restore democracy and hold credible elections. While the coup has been condemned by international leaders, it has been welcomed by many Gabonese civilians who were skeptical about President Bongo’s decision to run for a third term and his ability to provide effective leadership due to his recent health issues. The Commonwealth has requested the guarantee of President Bongo’s safety and that of his family, and it has set a two-year deadline for the new leaders of Gabon to hold credible elections. If no progress is made in that time, the country may face complete removal from the group.