Netanyahu asserts Israel’s autonomy in response to Iranian attack

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has emphasized his country’s right to make its own decisions in the face of a recent Iranian attack. Following a meeting with UK Foreign Secretary Lord Cameron, Netanyahu stated that Israel would take all necessary steps to defend itself, disregarding external influence. The UK government, however, urged Israel to exercise restraint and ensure that any retaliation is controlled and targeted. The situation is part of a broader diplomatic effort to prevent further escalation in the Middle East, with several Western ministers visiting Israel and discussing potential responses. The UK is advocating for coordinated sanctions on Iran, accusing the country of fostering instability in the region. The US and EU are also considering additional measures, including designating the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps as a terrorist organization. The recent attack on Israel by Iran was reportedly in response to a military operation in Syria that resulted in casualties. Despite international pressure for calm, tensions remain high, with calls for humanitarian aid in Gaza and the release of hostages by Hamas. The diplomatic interactions underscore the delicate balance between supporting Israel and preventing a wider conflict in the region.