European Union calls for immediate release of Swedish national detained in Iran

The European Union has confirmed that a Swedish man working for its diplomatic service, Johan Floderus, has been unlawfully detained in Iran for over 500 days. Floderus, a 33-year-old official based in Brussels, was arrested in Tehran while on vacation in April 2022. Iran announced three months later that it had arrested a Swedish national on espionage charges but did not disclose the individual’s identity. Sweden and the EU have been working tirelessly to secure Floderus’s release, with the Swedish foreign ministry confirming his identification after it was revealed in a report by the New York Times. The EU’s foreign policy chief, Josep Borrell, also confirmed Floderus’s detention and emphasized the joint efforts of the EU and Swedish authorities to secure his release. This situation highlights the increasingly tense relations between the EU and Iran, as calls for clemency and respect for human rights are being voiced by international bodies. The European Union is now urging the Iranian authorities to release Floderus immediately and unconditionally, emphasizing that his detention is unlawful and a violation of his human rights. The EU’s unwavering stance on this issue demonstrates its commitment to the protection and well-being of its citizens abroad