Zelensky’s plea for aid in US Congress falls on deaf ears

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky’s visit to the US to seek more aid for Kyiv has not resulted in any significant changes in the standoff in the US Congress. Despite his plea for $61 billion in aid, lawmakers have not shown any willingness to compromise on the issue. The funding proposal has become embroiled in partisan politics, with Republicans insisting on tying Ukraine aid to immigration reform, a condition Democrats find unacceptable. As time runs out before the Christmas break, the prospect of the war effort without US support is causing concern. President Biden has vowed not to walk away from Ukraine, but the opposition from Republicans and the lack of a clear strategy from the White House are hindering progress. The American people’s support for providing more aid to Ukraine has declined, and Congressional Republicans are using the opportunity to push for changes in border security. The outcome of Zelensky’s visit will have a significant impact on Ukraine’s war effort and its future relationship with the West.