Wilderness Author’s Unexpected Phone Call Leads to Life-Changing TV Thriller

Beverley Jones, the author behind the thrilling book series Wilderness, found herself on the verge of quitting writing when an unexpected phone call completely changed her life. This phone call, received in 2019, informed her that her sixth book in the series, Wilderness, was being turned into a television series. The news came as a shock to Jones, who was preparing to give up writing and return to a traditional nine-to-five job. However, this unexpected opportunity reignited Jones’ passion for writing and set her on a whirlwind journey that ultimately led to the production of a gripping TV series.

Jones had been working as a journalist and a police press officer before transitioning to full-time novel writing. While being a published writer brought some financial stability, it was not enough to sustain a comfortable living. Jones had begun contemplating semi-retirement and focusing on more financially secure ventures. However, the phone call from her agent changed everything.

Initially cautious due to the uncertainty surrounding TV adaptations, Jones was pleasantly surprised when Firebird Films, the production company that picked up the book, expressed their enthusiasm and commitment. They invited her to London, where they revealed an already completed script and shared news of their financial backers. However, their plans were disrupted by the global pandemic, and the original backers had to opt out. Fortunately, Amazon Prime Video stepped in to support the project, ensuring its continuation.

Within six months, a cast was assembled, and filming commenced. The series, titled Wilderness, features Jenna Coleman and Oliver Jackson-Cohen in lead roles and promises to be a dark and twisted thriller. It follows the journey of Olivia, played by Coleman, as she discovers her husband’s infidelity and embarks on a road trip across the USA to salvage their broken marriage. However, Olivia’s motives become increasingly complex, and forgiveness becomes the last thing on her mind.

The adaptation of Wilderness was entrusted to Marnie Dickens, known for her work on the 2019 BBC series Gold Digger. Joining Coleman and Jackson-Cohen are Ashley Benson and Clare Rushbrook, who add their talent to the stellar cast. Furthermore, fans of Taylor Swift will have an additional reason to tune in, as her re-recorded version of “Look What You Made Me Do” serves as the show’s opening credits theme.

For Bev Jones, the author, this TV adaptation has exceeded her expectations, especially in terms of representation. She expressed her delight that both Jenna Coleman’s character and Clare Rushbrook’s character, who plays Olivia’s mother, maintain Welsh accents. Jones emphasized the importance of authentic representation, particularly when it comes to portraying Welsh characters. She made it clear to Firebird Films that she would prefer Olivia not be Welsh at all if the casting did not capture the essence of a Welsh character accurately. Fortunately, Jones was pleased with the outcome and praised the actors for their exceptional accents.

The recent weeks have been filled with surreal experiences for Jones, from attending a special screening at Bafta’s headquarters to encountering an enormous poster of Wilderness on the side of a bus in London. The TV adaptation has given her newfound recognition and excitement for the future of her writing career.

Jones’ journey from nearly quitting writing to having her book adapted into a thrilling TV series serves as a reminder of the unpredictable nature of life and the transformative power of unexpected opportunities. It reinforces the importance of perseverance and believing in one’s craft, even during moments of doubt. Beverley Jones’ story is undoubtedly an inspiration for aspiring authors and a testament to the power of resilience and unwavering passion.