What would happen if the former President Trump is convicted in his hush-money trial

The conclusion of the hush-money trial of former President Trump could lead to several outcomes, ranging from fines to prison time. If found guilty, Trump would become the first US president with a criminal conviction and the first major party candidate to run for the White House as a felon. There are various factors that the judge would consider in the sentencing, including his age, lack of previous convictions, and possible violations of the court’s orders. While it is unlikely that Trump would serve time behind bars immediately, he could still face a maximum sentence of four years for each of the 34 charges. The unprecedented nature of the case and the practical challenges of imprisoning a former president could influence the judge’s decision regarding punishment. Additionally, a guilty verdict could impact November’s presidential election, as recent polls have shown a significant portion of voters in key swing states being less likely to vote for Trump if convicted. Furthermore, Trump’s potential inability to issue a pardon for state-level crimes could further complicate his legal position in various cases around the country, including those involving the mishandling of classified documents and election conspiracy accusations.