US Warning of Potential Fall of El Fasher to Rebels in Sudan

The United States’ envoy to Sudan has raised concerns about the imminent fall of the besieged city of El Fasher in western Darfur to rebel forces. El Fasher, the only city still under army control in the region, has been a battleground between the armed forces and the paramilitary Rapid Support Forces (RSF) in a civil war that has lasted for over a year. The US envoy, Tom Perriello, emphasized that the US would not recognize an independent Darfur state. He called for a ceasefire to prevent further civilian casualties and humanitarian crises in the city.

The escalating conflict in El Fasher has trapped hundreds of thousands of civilians, leading to severe shortages of food and water. Many residents, including pregnant women, are facing dire conditions as a result of the fighting. Medical facilities like Sayyid Shuada health center are overwhelmed by the influx of wounded patients and lack adequate resources to cope with the crisis. Local community volunteers are trying to support the hospital by securing essential supplies and donations.

Recent attacks on health facilities like the South Hospital, which was looted by gunmen, have further exacerbated the situation. The closure of these facilities has left civilians with limited access to vital medical care. The MSF-managed hospitals have been repeatedly targeted, leading to casualties, including children. The continuous shelling has forced tens of thousands of people to flee El Fasher in search of safer locations.

The US envoy has called for an immediate halt to the fighting and urged all parties to prioritize the well-being of civilians. The situation in El Fasher is rapidly deteriorating, and there is an urgent need for humanitarian assistance to mitigate the suffering of the affected population. The international community must work together to de-escalate the conflict and prevent further loss of life in Sudan.

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