US-Germany Missile Deployment Sparks Tension with Moscow

The decision to deploy long-range US missiles periodically in Germany starting from 2026 has sparked tension with Moscow, in a move seen as alarming by Russian officials. The announcement came during NATO’s 75th anniversary summit, with the US and Germany unveiling plans to deploy Tomahawk cruise, SM-6, and hypersonic missiles in Germany. These missiles have a much longer range than existing ones, with the US and Germany emphasizing the need for integrated deterrence in Europe. The move marks the first time such missiles will be deployed in Germany since the Cold War, after the collapse of a 1988 treaty that had banned such weapons. Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov warned of a “military response” to the perceived new threat, accusing NATO of trying to intimidate Russia. The temporary deployment of US missiles is seen as a way to bridge a capability gap in Europe and encourage European countries to invest in developing longer-range missiles. However, political critics within Germany, notably from the Greens party, have expressed concerns over Chancellor Olaf Scholz’s decision to allow US missiles on German soil, highlighting the potential for heightened fears and disinformation.