US calls on Israel for transparency over Gaza school strike

The US is pressuring Israel to be completely transparent about an airstrike that allegedly killed at least 35 individuals in a central Gaza school. Local journalists have reported that an Israeli warplane fired two missiles at classrooms in the Nuseirat refugee camp. While the Israeli military claims to have hit a “Hamas compound” in the school, the Hamas-run Government Media Office has denied this. The US has urged Israel to publicly identify the Hamas fighters they reportedly killed, emphasizing the importance of transparency. Israel has pledged to release more information about the strike, including the names of those who died. In response to the strike, Israel identified nine Hamas and Islamic Jihad fighters who were allegedly killed and stated that more identifications would follow pending verification. International organizations like the UN and Gaza’s health ministry have reported varying numbers of casualties, with UNRWA stating that at least 35 people were killed. The UN Secretary-General condemned the strike on the school, stressing the need to safeguard UN premises during conflicts. As the conflict continues, US officials are pushing for a ceasefire proposal, which includes a temporary ceasefire, humanitarian aid, and a plan for lasting peace and reconstruction. However, there have been no signs of a breakthrough in negotiations, with thousands of casualties reported on both sides of the conflict. Israel and Hamas have been engaged in almost eight months of intense fighting, resulting in significant loss of life and widespread displacement.