UN Security Council Calls for Immediate Halt to Fighting in Sudan’s El Fasher

The UN Security Council has issued a resolution demanding an end to the siege of El Fasher, a city in Sudan’s Darfur region, by paramilitary forces. The fighting in the region has raised concerns of genocide, with the council expressing grave concern at reports of ethnically motivated violence. The resolution calls for an immediate cessation of hostilities, withdrawal of troops from the city, and urged parties to seek a sustainable resolution through dialogue. The situation in El Fashir has already led to the closure of the last functioning hospital, forcing over 130,000 residents to flee. The UN warns of a growing risk of genocide in Darfur, as attention is focused on other global conflicts. Rights groups have accused the paramilitary forces of using rape as a weapon of war and targeting specific ethnic groups for ethnic cleansing. Despite failed peace talks, the Security Council is calling for an end to the brutal conflict and urging member states to refrain from external interference. For more news from Africa, visit BBCAfrica.com and follow BBCAfrica on social media platforms for updates.