The untold story of the Downwinders in New Mexico

The success of the film Oppenheimer has brought attention to the scientists who developed the first nuclear bomb in New Mexico. However, the untold story of the “Downwinders” who claim to have been affected by radiation from the Trinity Test remains in the shadows. Families like Tina Cordova’s have experienced generations of cancer, which they attribute to radiation exposure from the bomb detonation. The Senate recently passed a bill to include New Mexico in compensation funds for affected individuals, but the impact on the local community, like Los Alamos, has been largely positive – boosting the economy and celebrating scientific achievements despite the moral implications behind nuclear weapons. Anti-war activists in Albuquerque continue to protest against the work at Los Alamos, calling for a ban on nuclear weapons. As the Oscars approach, the health risks faced by the Downwinders hope to gain more recognition and support.