The Power of Laughter: Pope Francis meets with Comedians at Vatican

Pope Francis recently met with over 100 comedians, including Jimmy Fallon and Chris Rock, at the Vatican in Rome. The Pope highlighted the ability of comedians to bring smiles and unity in a world filled with social and personal crises. Describing laughter as contagious, Pope Francis praised the role of comedians in spreading positivity and joy. The gathering of entertainers took place just before the pontiff’s attendance at the G7 summit in Puglia, Italy. During the meeting, Pope Francis emphasized the importance of laughter and comedy in building bridges between diverse communities. The event showcased a lineup of famous comedians like Whoopi Goldberg, Stephen Merchant, and Julia Louis-Dreyfus from the entertainment industry. The Pope’s endorsement of comedy as a unifying force comes amidst his advocacy for global regulation of artificial intelligence to safeguard ethics and human rights. The meeting with comedians concluded with Pope Francis engaging briefly with each artist, creating moments of laughter and connection, even amidst language barriers. The cultural exchange highlighted the transformative power of humor in fostering understanding and harmony across different cultures and beliefs.