The Impact of Transferring Refugees to Rwanda on Vulnerable Population

A group of migrants transferred to Rwanda feel isolated and unsafe, describing the country as an “open prison”. The migrants, coming from a UK territory, are facing challenges in accessing proper healthcare, dealing with past trauma, and navigating their way in a country where they are not allowed to work. Harassment and unwanted sexual advances on the street have left them feeling self-imprisoned and frightened to leave their homes. Their legal status in Rwanda raises concerns about the country’s ability to provide a safe haven to very vulnerable refugees. Despite living conditions being an improvement from their previous camp, the migrants express ongoing struggles and uncertainty about their future. Lawyers and the UN are calling on the UK to secure solutions for this group in line with international obligations. The political division over the UK government’s plan, costing taxpayers millions, to process and house asylum seekers in Rwanda continues, with different parties expressing opposing views on the moral and practical aspects of the scheme.