The impact of declining support for the ANC in South Africa’s upcoming election

The African National Congress (ANC) in South Africa is facing a significant challenge as it campaigns for a seventh term in office. Despite claims of a victorious campaign, the party seems to be struggling to maintain support from voters. With factors like power cuts, government corruption, and high unemployment rates weighing heavily on the minds of the electorate, the ANC is at risk of losing its parliamentary majority for the first time in three decades. While the turnout at the party’s final rally was substantial, looming threats from opposition parties, including those led by former President Jacob Zuma, pose a real challenge to the ANC’s dominance. President Cyril Ramaphosa has attempted to address concerns of corruption within the party and reassure voters of ongoing efforts to tackle key issues like power shortages. However, with a divided opposition and internal challenges within the ANC, the outcome of the election remains uncertain. The ANC’s position as the largest party is likely to endure, but a loss of majority control would signal a significant shift in South African politics. The upcoming election will test the ANC’s ability to address pressing issues and win back the confidence of the electorate.