The hidden atrocities in the Mediterranean waters unfolding a grim reality

The Greek coastguard’s involvement in the deaths of migrants in the Mediterranean has come to light through witnesses’ testimonies over a three-year span. Reports suggest that more than 40 individuals lost their lives due to being forcibly pushed out of Greek territorial waters or abandoned at sea by the coastguard. Accusations of illegal activities have been strongly rejected by the Greek coastguard, despite evidence suggesting otherwise. The testimonies of survivors paint a harrowing picture of being thrown into the sea, hunted down after landing on Greek islands, or left stranded on deflating rafts without motors. The lack of accountability and transparency in such incidents raises serious concerns about human rights violations and potential war crimes. International laws governing asylum seekers and the treatment of migrants must be upheld to prevent further loss of innocent lives and ensure justice for the victims. People are called to action to demand accountability, transparency, and justice for the victims who have fallen prey to these brutal acts.