The consequences of climate change on Swiss ski resorts

The impact of climate change on Swiss ski resorts has become increasingly evident, with Rüschegg Eywald being a prime example of how warmer temperatures and lack of snowfall are causing ski lifts and resorts to face bankruptcy. As the nullgrad Grenze rises and snowfall turns to rain, ski resorts at lower altitudes are experiencing the brunt of the effects. This trend is not isolated to Rüschegg, as even well-known resorts like Grindelwald are being forced to adapt to the changing climate. With global temperatures on the rise, the sustainability of winter sports, including prestigious ski races and ski resorts across the Alps, is in jeopardy. Researchers and experts warn that the golden era of Swiss skiing may be coming to an end, and that resorts must prepare for a future without traditional winter sports. It’s a stark reminder of the urgent need to address climate change and its far-reaching implications on industries and communities worldwide.