Teacher suspended for allegedly shooting student in Bangladesh

A lecturer in a medical school in Bangladesh has been suspended after allegedly shooting and injuring a student in a classroom. The incident occurred during an oral exam when the lecturer, Dr. Raihan Sharif, reportedly got into an argument with a 23-year-old student, Arafat Amin Tomal. Dr. Sharif allegedly pointed a gun at the student and shot him in the right knee, but miraculously, the bullet hit the student’s mobile phone in his pocket, saving him from life-threatening injuries. The students in the class acted quickly, locked the teacher in a room, and called the police, leading to Dr. Sharif’s arrest and subsequent suspension. The police found an illegal pistol, a second pistol, multiple rounds of bullets, magazines, knives, and daggers in Dr. Sharif’s possession. The incident has shocked Bangladesh and raised concerns about the need for stricter regulations surrounding gun ownership and use in the country. The students at the medical school have demanded the teacher’s immediate dismissal and severe punishment, prompting a special committee to investigate the circumstances surrounding the incident.