Satellite images reveal catastrophic destruction in Derna after severe flooding

The Libyan port city of Derna has been left devastated after heavy rains caused severe flooding and the bursting of two dams. Satellite images depict the scale of destruction, with bridges, streets, and communities completely swept away. The torrents of water and debris washed away several bridges, residential blocks, government buildings, and even a large mosque, leaving a trail of devastation in their wake. A major coastal road near the port has also been washed away, exacerbating the impact of the floods. The nearby neighborhood of Al-Eilwa has reported that nearly all properties, around 96%, have been flooded. The city’s mayor estimates that between 18,000 and 20,000 people may have lost their lives, with thousands more injured or missing. The UN analysis shows that over 2,200 buildings have been exposed to rushing floodwaters, and at least six bridges have been damaged, including the port area. Neighboring areas, such as Al-Bilad and Al-Maghar, which were home to healthcare facilities, have also been severely affected. The flooding has not only caused loss of life but has also left many without homes and essential infrastructure destroyed. The catastrophic nature of the flooding highlights the urgent need for coordinated relief efforts and support for the affected population. Libyan rivals are now working together to address the flood relief efforts. This natural disaster serves as a reminder of the vulnerability of coastal regions to extreme weather events and the importance of implementing effective disaster preparedness and mitigation measures to protect communities in the future.