RFK Jr addresses sexual assault allegation and more on Breaking Points podcast

Independent US presidential candidate Robert F Kennedy Jr responded to a Vanity Fair story that included numerous allegations, including claims of sexual assault and extramarital affairs. In an interview on the Breaking Points podcast, Mr. Kennedy dismissed the allegations as “a lot of garbage” and emphasized that he is “not a church boy”, indicating a tumultuous past. The story detailed an allegation from the late 1990s, where Mr. Kennedy was accused of groping a former family babysitter. When asked about the specific allegations, Mr. Kennedy refrained from commenting. The magazine also reported on his defense of a cousin convicted of murder and alleged affairs. In response, Mr. Kennedy accused Vanity Fair of collaborating with the Democratic Party leadership. The podcast discussion also addressed a separate claim in the story about a photo with a barbecued dog, which Mr. Kennedy clarified was taken in South America with a goat, not in Korea. The report also explored Mr. Kennedy’s alleged drug addiction and personal struggles. Mr. Kennedy, a scion of the Kennedy family, expressed his desire to run for president as an independent, while hinting at a potential Democratic Party affiliation if President Biden were to step aside. The BBC reached out to Vanity Fair for comment on the story.