Queensland Faces Devastating Flooding After Heavy Rainfall

Queensland, Australia is currently facing a severe flooding crisis due to near-record levels of rainfall. The heavy rain has caused life-threatening conditions, prompting thousands of people in the northern part of the state to evacuate to higher ground. Major flooding has been reported in the suburbs of Cairns, with the closure of the city’s airport. Meteorologists have revealed that some areas have already experienced over 600mm of rain in the past 24 hours and are expected to receive an additional 500mm. This unprecedented rainfall comes in the wake of a recent tropical cyclone that hit the region. Queensland State Premier, Steven Miles, has described the situation as “very serious and could potentially worsen,” highlighting that approximately 10,500 residents are currently without power. Local authorities report that homes, buildings, roads, and bridges have been severely inundated, prompting flood warnings across multiple areas. While there have been no reports of deaths or missing individuals, a 10-year-old girl is in critical condition after being struck by lightning in Cairns. Emergency services have conducted numerous evacuations and rescue operations, with the establishment of five emergency centers to provide assistance to affected individuals. The village of Daintree, located 120km north of Cairns, has already experienced 350mm of rain since Saturday morning. Although there is hope for a potential decrease in rainfall, weather forecasters caution that the weather system could shift further inland overnight. It is important to note that eastern Australia has been frequently hit by flooding in recent years, and the country is currently facing an El Nino weather event, which typically leads to extreme phenomena such as wildfires and cyclones. The situation in Queensland is a grim reminder of the increasing vulnerability of coastal regions to climate change-induced weather patterns.