Nigerian banking industry mourns the loss of Herbert Wigwe in tragic helicopter crash

The Nigerian banking industry is in shock and mourning as one of its prominent figures, Herbert Wigwe, the co-founder of Access Bank, tragically lost his life in a helicopter crash in California. Alongside Mr. Wigwe, his wife, son, and a former president of the Nigerian stock exchange also perished in the accident. The news of this overwhelming tragedy has sent shockwaves across the country and the African banking sector as a whole.

President Bola Tinubu expressed his sorrow and described the death of Mr. Wigwe as a horrific blow to Nigeria and the banking industry. Tributes and condolences have been pouring in from colleagues, friends, and admirers of Mr. Wigwe, highlighting his significant contributions to the banking industry and his dedication to addressing global migration issues.

Herbert Wigwe’s impact on the Nigerian banking industry cannot be overstated. As the co-founder of Access Bank, he played a pivotal role in its growth and success over the years. In 2018, Access Bank became the largest bank in Nigeria after acquiring its main competitor, Diamond Bank. Under Mr. Wigwe’s leadership, Access Bank expanded its reach across the continent, acquiring banks in Kenya, South Africa, Botswana, and planning to launch in Asia in 2024.

Not only was Mr. Wigwe a visionary banker, but he also had a strong commitment to social responsibility. He understood the importance of investing in higher education to tackle mass migration, which has become a global issue affecting countries worldwide. In January of this year, he expressed his views on this matter and announced his plan to establish Wigwe University, an educational institute aiming to provide quality education and opportunities to the Nigerian youth.

Wigwe University was set to launch in September in the Niger Delta region, Mr. Wigwe’s hometown known for its rich oil resources. The university aimed to address the root causes of migration by empowering local communities, offering education, and creating opportunities for the youth. Mr. Wigwe believed that limiting migration should begin within the home countries, providing people with a chance to thrive and contribute to their own societies.

The tragic helicopter crash has left the Nigerian banking industry in a state of shock and grief. Mr. Wigwe’s death marks a significant loss for Access Bank, as well as the entire African banking community. His dedication, vision, and commitment to social responsibility will be deeply missed.

As investigations continue into the cause of the crash, the Nigerian banking industry must come together to remember and honor Herbert Wigwe’s legacy. His impact on the industry and his efforts to address global migration will continue to inspire future generations. The loss of a visionary leader like Mr. Wigwe reminds us to cherish the contributions of individuals and their commitment to making a positive difference in society.

In memory of Herbert Wigwe, the Nigerian banking industry must strive to carry forward his vision for growth, innovation, and social responsibility. Let his tragic loss serve as a reminder for all of us to prioritize the safety and well-being of individuals involved in aerial transportation. This unfortunate incident highlights the importance of stringent safety measures and protocols to prevent similar tragedies in the future.

Herbert Wigwe’s legacy will forever be imprinted on the Nigerian banking industry, and his impact on addressing global migration challenges will continue to inspire change. As we mourn his loss, let us also celebrate his remarkable achievements and commit ourselves to carrying forward his vision for a brighter future.