Myanmar’s Political Crisis: A Call for Urgent Medical Care for Aung San Suu Kyi

Myanmar’s detained former leader Aung San Suu Kyi is in desperate need of urgent medical care, according to her youngest son, Kim Aris. The military junta ruling the country has denied her access to recommended treatments, despite her suffering from severe toothaches that have rendered her unable to eat. The international community and the exiled National Unity Government have called for pressure on the junta to provide appropriate medical treatment for political detainees like Suu Kyi. This news sheds light on the cruel treatment of prisoners and the ongoing political crisis in Myanmar, which has triggered a civil war and resulted in the deaths of countless individuals.

The 78-year-old Nobel laureate has been in detention since February 2021, following a military coup that ousted her from power. While the military spokesman claims she is in good health and receives regular check-ups from both military and civilian doctors, sources within the prison report her deteriorating condition. Long-time acquaintances of Suu Kyi reveal that she suffers from chronic gum disease and low blood pressure. Additionally, a prison source states that her gum problems have worsened, prompting her to be served soft food and a medicated jelly to relieve the toothaches.

Kim Aris, who resides in the UK, stated that his mother has been experiencing vomiting and severe dizziness due to her declining health. He condemned the denial of medical care to a sick prisoner as “callous and cruel”, emphasizing the risk to her overall well-being if suitable treatment is withheld. The exiled National Unity Government, which represents all political parties in Myanmar, has urged the international community to pressure the junta into providing necessary medical attention to political detainees, including Suu Kyi.

Numerous world leaders have demanded the unconditional release of Suu Kyi and the thousands of others detained by the junta. The ongoing political crisis in Myanmar has become a central topic of discussion at the Asean summit, where leaders from Southeast Asian countries have condemned the military regime for the prevailing violence in the nation. Myanmar’s exclusion from the regional meeting for the second consecutive year reflects international disapproval of the coup.

The plight of Aung San Suu Kyi resonates as a stark reminder of the human rights violations and the deteriorating political situation in Myanmar. Restrictions imposed on Suu Kyi’s access to medical care raise concerns about the treatment of prisoners and the disregard for their well-being. The denial of urgent care not only exacerbates her health issues but also highlights the brutal tactics employed by the military junta. The international community must amplify its efforts to address this crisis and compel the junta to prioritize the health and welfare of political detainees, such as Aung San Suu Kyi.