Morocco earthquake aftermath: The impact on the remote mountain village of Douzrou

The devastating earthquake in Morocco has left the remote mountain village of Douzrou in ruins, transforming it into a perilous field of boulders and rubble. The earthquake, which struck late on Friday, has claimed the lives of over 100 people and left many more homeless and in desperate need of basic necessities. The use of traditional building materials in the construction of homes has made it difficult for rescuers to find survivors, as there are limited air pockets or spaces for people to survive after buildings collapse. The deployment of international search teams has come under scrutiny, with critics pointing to a patchy and slow response by local authorities. While Morocco’s government has decided to accept help from four countries only, concerns over coordination and effectiveness have arisen. The journey to reach the village has been arduous, with teams having to navigate treacherous mountain roads that are often impassable. The residents of Douzrou, left with nothing but the remnants of their destroyed homes, are struggling to find shelter and provide for their families. As volunteers distribute clothes and supplies, the villagers remain cut off from the outside world and call for more aid. The village, once a thriving community of nearly 1,000 inhabitants, now stands as a poignant reminder of the devastation caused by the earthquake. The road to recovery will be long and challenging for the people of Douzrou.