Man Sentenced to Life in Prison for Fatal Stabbing of Tyson Fury’s Cousin

In a tragic incident that occurred on August 22, 2022, Liam O’Pray was convicted of murdering Rico Burton, the cousin of world heavyweight boxing champion Tyson Fury. The court heard that O’Pray fatally stabbed Burton during a bar brawl in Altrincham. As a result, O’Pray has now been sentenced to life in prison, with a minimum term of 28 years.

The violence erupted after a fight broke out between O’Pray’s friends and Burton’s family and friends at a bar called Goose Green. Witnesses testified that O’Pray had been acting erratically and was described as a “loose cannon.” Door staff and witnesses also revealed that O’Pray had a history of carrying knives and engaging in violent behavior while under the influence of alcohol.

The court was told that chaos ensued when O’Pray’s friend was punched by Burton’s cousin, which led to O’Pray delivering the fatal blow with a lock knife to Burton’s neck. Unfortunately, the injuries were severe, causing massive blood loss, and Burton passed away shortly after.

During the trial, O’Pray claimed that he carried the knife for self-defense and argued that he was not a violent person. However, evidence presented in court revealed that O’Pray had a previous conviction for carrying a knife in public.

The devastating loss of Burton has had a profound impact on his family, friends, and the larger traveler community. His mother, Deborah Burton, emotionally stated in court that a part of her died on the day her son lost his life. She expressed that Rico would be forever remembered within their community.

Tyson Fury, the boxing champion and cousin of the victim, took to social media to share his grief and call for an end to knife crime. In an impassioned Instagram post, Fury urged people to appreciate the preciousness of life and mourned the loss of his cousin. The tragedy has prompted a broader discussion about the need to address knife crime and the importance of tackling the root causes that lead individuals to carry weapons.

The judge presiding over the case, Judge Alan Conrad, emphasized the gravity of the situation and condemned the prevalence of knife-related violence. He asserted that individuals who choose to carry knives contribute to the problem and highlighted the need for strict measures to address this issue within society.

The sentencing of Liam O’Pray sends a clear message about the consequences of violent acts involving knives. The case serves as a sobering reminder of the devastating impact of such incidents on individuals, families, and communities.

Detective Chief Inspector Gina Brennand of the Greater Manchester Police described O’Pray as an “extremely dangerous individual” and urged people to recognize the dangers of carrying knives. She hoped that this investigation and subsequent sentencing would act as a deterrent against the possession of knives.

The tragic loss of Rico Burton serves as a reminder of the importance of addressing knife crime and promoting peaceful resolutions to conflicts. It is crucial for communities, law enforcement agencies, and society as a whole to work together to create safer environments and prevent further loss of life due to knife-related violence.