Legal battle sparks as Tate brothers’ business practices are questioned

A lawyer representing the controversial influencer Andrew Tate has argued in court that the payments to their online businesses were handled in an orthodox manner, despite police claims of unpaid taxes amounting to £2.8m. The court has been informed that the brothers have earned a significant amount of money from online businesses, including Only Fans. The lawyer emphasized that the money transfers made by the Tates were normal and in line with standard practices. However, the police have alleged that the brothers evaded taxes by creating a complex network of bank accounts to move the money around. The legal battle extends beyond tax evasion accusations, as the Tates are also facing charges of rape, human trafficking, and forming a criminal gang in Romania. Sarah Clarke, representing Devon and Cornwall Police, stated that the brothers had not paid taxes in any country on their earnings. The court proceedings are civil, and the decision to freeze £2.8m in assets belonging to the Tates and a third individual will be based on the balance of probabilities rather than the standard of proof in criminal cases. The outcome of this legal dispute will have a significant impact on how online businesses handle their finances and tax liabilities, and it serves as a reminder to individuals engaging in online entrepreneurship to comply with financial regulations to avoid legal consequences.