Key Points of President Joe Biden’s Fiery State of the Union Address

President Joe Biden delivered a passionate State of the Union address, drawing stark contrasts with his predecessor, Donald Trump, and setting the stage for his re-election campaign. The speech, filled with jabs at Trump, covered a wide range of topics including Russia, Nato, the Capitol riot, immigration, abortion, the economy, and Gaza. Biden’s aggressive stance reflects the high stakes of the upcoming election, with his approval ratings being low even as he remains in a tight race with Trump. Addressing the age issue, Biden took a dig at Trump’s age and mental acuity. Despite facing a challenging audience, he managed to maintain composure, engage in ad-libs, and push through his policy proposals, emphasizing the American middle class as a key focus. Biden also touched on key foreign policy issues, such as Ukraine and the Gaza conflict, outlining his administration’s approach. The speech is seen as a pivotal moment for Biden’s campaign and a sign of how he plans to approach the upcoming election.