Israel’s Determination to Continue Gaza Operation Despite Civilian Suffering

Israel’s ongoing military operation in Gaza has raised concerns about civilian suffering and the long-term impact of the conflict. Despite the holiday season and apparent normalcy in central Israel, the closer one gets to the Gaza border, the more evident the war zone becomes. Tanks and troops are mobilizing, and civilians have evacuated the area. This article highlights the trauma experienced by Israelis, the ongoing threat from Hamas, and the changing perspective on Israel’s war strategy.

Amidst the conflict, Amos Yadlin, a retired major-general, draws comparisons between Israel’s fight against Hamas and World War Two. He justifies the high number of Palestinian civilian casualties, asserting that eliminating Hamas is crucial for Israel’s future. The Israeli military claims to target Hamas specifically, but critics argue that civilians have also been affected. The Biden administration has expressed concerns about the high number of Palestinian civilian casualties, leading to strained relations between the US and Israel.

While Israel’s immense military power and US support provide an advantage, the article points out that the military operation in a densely populated area presents significant challenges. Critics accuse Israel of disregarding the laws of war that protect civilians. Despite international criticism, Israel remains determined to achieve its objectives, including rescuing hostages, neutralizing Hamas’s leadership, and dismantling its military capabilities.

However, a ceasefire resolution vetoed by the US signals that Israel has limited time to accomplish its goals. The article mentions the potential for a long-term Israeli occupation of Gaza if the current leadership’s stance on control does not change.

Looking ahead, the governance and reconstruction of Gaza pose challenges. The conflict has not only caused significant casualties but also raised questions about the path to peace and stability in the region. International pressure for a ceasefire is growing, and the world awaits the resolution of this ongoing conflict.