Israeli Volunteers Continuing to Help Sick Palestinians Despite Challenges

In the aftermath of the Hamas assault on October 7th, Yael Noy, the head of the charity Road to Recovery, is determined to continue her mission of driving sick Palestinians, mostly children, from the occupied West Bank and Gaza to hospital appointments in Israel. Despite the loss of four volunteers and the inability to take patients from Gaza, Yael remains committed to helping those in need. The Israeli offensive that followed the Hamas attack resulted in thousands of casualties in Gaza. Despite the devastating consequences of the conflict, Yael refuses to see the Palestinians as enemies, emphasizing that they are victims of Hamas. She believes that regardless of nationality or religion, people are people and deserve help and compassion. However, Yael faces opposition from family members and even soldiers who question her actions and accuse her of supporting Hamas. The increasing radicalization on both sides of the conflict makes it difficult for those who are trying to bridge the divide between Israelis and Palestinians. Some volunteers have chosen to focus on helping displaced Israelis during the ongoing war, but others have stepped in to ensure that sick Palestinians from the West Bank still receive essential medical care. Yael acknowledges that Road to Recovery will need support from the international community to continue its work, as donations from within Israel have decreased. Despite the challenges, Yael remains committed to her mission, determined to help those in need and bridge the gap between Israelis and Palestinians.