India’s G20 Presidency: Overcoming Divisions for Global Success

India’s G20 presidency has been marked by extensive diplomatic efforts and a strong push for a joint declaration on global concerns. However, the group faces significant divisions, particularly on the issue of the Ukraine war. The absence of key leaders like Russia’s Vladimir Putin and China’s Xi Jinping further complicates decision-making. India has positioned itself as the voice of the Global South, advocating for the concerns of developing countries. Key topics on the agenda include debt refinancing, global regulation of cryptocurrencies, climate change financing, and food and energy security. While some consensus may be reached on certain issues, the outcome regarding the joint declaration remains uncertain. The absence of a declaration would not necessarily be a failure, as India could issue a chair’s summary showing consensus on the majority of topics. However, a fractious G20 would raise questions about the forum’s relevance in a rapidly changing world. India’s successful summit outcomes would enhance its global power status, bolster Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s image as a world leader, and contribute to his domestic political standing as a general election approaches.