Implications of Biden-Xi Call on US-China Relations

United States President Joe Biden and Chinese President Xi Jinping recently held a call to discuss areas of cooperation and conflict between the two superpowers. While the call was described as “candid and constructive” by both the White House and Chinese state media, significant disagreements on issues such as Taiwan and economic sanctions were apparent. Both leaders emphasized their respective positions on key issues, with Mr. Xi warning against US interference in the South China Sea and economic measures against China, while Mr. Biden stressed the importance of supporting Taiwan and maintaining peace and stability in the region. Despite the efforts to present a united front, experts believe that the call was largely performative and aimed at managing the negative dynamics in the US-China relationship. The upcoming events, such as the inauguration of Taiwan’s new president-elect and diplomatic meetings between the US and China, are expected to further test the delicate balance in US-China relations. It remains to be seen whether the recent call will lead to a thaw in relations or simply serve as a temporary measure of damage control.