How South Asian Artists Are Struggling to Make an Impact on Mainstream Music

South Asian artists are facing a challenge when it comes to breaking into the mainstream music industry. Despite the popularity of their music within their own community, the mainstream charts often lack representation from Asian artists. While artists like Jay Sean and Naughty Boy have seen some success, they continue to face obstacles due to stereotypes and ignorance surrounding South Asian culture. Record labels are now beginning to tap into the popularity of the South Asian underground music scene, but there is still a lack of infrastructure and support for these artists to truly break through. The rise of social media has helped some South Asian artists gain recognition, but there is still a long road ahead to ensure that their music gets the attention it deserves on mainstream platforms. Coachella’s efforts to include more South Asian artists in their line-up have been praised, but artists like Naughty Boy are cautious that this is not just a passing trend. The hope is that with continued support and a long-term commitment from the music industry, South Asian artists will finally see the recognition they deserve.