Harrison Ford’s Environmental Advocacy Honored with Naming of New Snake Species

Harrison Ford, best known for his role as Indiana Jones, has had a new species of snake in Peru named after him to honor his environmental advocacy efforts. The snake, called Tachymenoides harrisonfordi, was discovered in Peru’s Otishi National Park and measures a modest 16 inches when fully grown. This naming is not the first time Ford has had a species named after him, as there is also a California spider and an ant named after the actor. Ford, who is the vice chair of non-profit group Conservation International, expressed gratitude for the honor but jokingly mentioned that the named species always seem to terrify children. He explained that despite his on-screen character’s fear of snakes, he actually liked them and felt a connection with the newly named snake. This discovery serves as a reminder of the vast biodiversity of our world and the importance of protecting known species, especially during the extinction crisis that is affecting reptiles the most. Scientists hope that the naming of this snake species will bring attention to the urgent need to address the global extinction crisis facing many species.