Haiti Gangs Threaten Stability Amid Ongoing Violence

In the latest series of violent events in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, gangs associated with the push for the removal of Prime Minister Ariel Henry have set fire to multiple police stations and other strategic locations. The unrest escalated while Mr. Henry was attending a regional summit outside of the country, rendering air traffic movement impossible and complicating his return. This has significantly disrupted the normal functioning of the city and led to a deteriorating humanitarian crisis, resulting in thousands of displaced individuals. Amidst the chaos, the gangs have expressed their desire to control the airport and other key installations to prevent the Prime Minister from coming back and have uttered threats of a potential civil war in the absence of his resignation. The situation on the ground has been described as “extremely dire” by aid groups, with essential services being severely impacted. International organizations and regional bodies have called for a political resolution to the crisis to avoid further escalation and potential catastrophe in Haiti. The ongoing unrest poses a significant threat to the stability of the country and requires immediate attention and action to prevent further deterioration.