Guatemalan Ex-President Sentenced to Jail for Corruption

Former Guatemalan president Otto Pérez Molina has been sentenced to eight years in jail after pleading guilty to money laundering, fraud, and corruption charges. Pérez Molina was forced from office in 2015 due to massive anti-corruption protests. He is accused of accepting millions of dollars in bribes in exchange for awarding contracts to various companies. Pérez Molina’s arrest came the day after his resignation and he has been in jail ever since. The former president and his vice-president, Roxana Baldetti, were previously found guilty of running a bribery scheme within the Guatemalan customs authorities. The International Commission against Impunity in Guatemala (CICIG), a body created by the United Nations to combat corruption, played a significant role in uncovering these corruption cases. However, the CICIG was expelled from Guatemala in 2019, drawing criticism from anti-corruption groups and international organizations. The current administration has also faced accusations of obstructing corruption investigations. This news highlights the ongoing challenge of corruption in Guatemala and the need for continued efforts to address this issue.