Google to Delete Inactive Accounts: What You Should Know

Google will begin deleting inactive accounts starting from Friday as part of its inactive account policy. This move is aimed at enhancing security, as forgotten and unused accounts are more likely to be compromised. Although signing in or sending an email should be sufficient to keep an account active, Google advises users to take additional steps such as utilizing two-factor authentication and having an accessible recovery email address. If an account is abused, it could lead to identity theft, spreading malicious content, and spamming. Google has already notified affected accounts and their associated recovery email addresses about the impending deletion. However, accounts linked to ongoing Google services or subscriptions, as well as those used to manage a child’s active account, will be exempted from this deletion policy. It is crucial for users to ensure their accounts are active to prevent unintentional deletion. Read on to find out more about the impact of this policy and what precautions you should take to avoid losing your account and its associated data.