French authorities arrest man over potential Olympic torch relay attack

A man in Bordeaux has been detained by French police on suspicion of planning an attack during the Olympic torch relay. Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin commended the police for their swift response and ensuring the safety of the relay. The suspect reportedly posted a troubling message that could be seen as glorifying crime, making reference to a mass killing in the US. Organizers of the upcoming Paris Games have heightened security measures in place, with the opening ceremony set to feature over 10,000 athletes. The suspect, identified as Alex G, does not have a criminal record but was found in possession of a rubber pellet revolver, multiple mobile phones, and a computer during a search of his residence. While he admitted to considering an unspecified act, he did not directly mention the Olympic flame relay. Described as being “psychologically highly fragile”, authorities are taking the threat seriously and working to ensure the safety of the event. Furthermore, due to recent riots, the torch relay’s route has been altered, with a planned leg to New Caledonia being cancelled. As the Olympic flame embarks on a 12,000km journey across France, strict security measures are being enforced, including the involvement of anti-drone experts. The suspect’s online presence also raised concerns, as he made references to the Isla Vista killer Elliot Rodger, known for his hatred towards women. French authorities are staying vigilant and investigating the matter further to prevent any potential threats during the relay.