Former Australian MP accused of being a foreign agent by spy boss

A former Australian politician has been accused of collaborating with a foreign spy network by the country’s intelligence chief, Mike Burgess. The group, known as the “A-Team”, allegedly targeted many sectors of Australian society, including students, academics, politicians, businesspeople, and public servants, offering large sums of money for information on various topics such as trade, politics, foreign policy, and defense. The most shocking revelation was that the former politician had reportedly tried to involve the then-prime minister’s family in the activities of the foreign ring. While the individual remains unnamed, the accusations have sparked outrage in Canberra, with calls for their identity to be revealed. The Australian Security and Intelligence Organisation (Asio) has dismantled the operations of the A-Team and assisted those unknowingly involved to extract themselves. However, some politicians and officials are pushing for the former MP to be unmasked, labeling them a traitor and demanding accountability. Despite the controversy, intelligence officials have chosen not to disclose the individual’s identity, citing the need for national security and the effectiveness of the ongoing investigation.