Fans Express Disappointment Over Missing Tracks on Beyoncé Vinyl Album

Fans who pre-ordered Beyoncé’s latest album on vinyl are expressing disappointment, as five tracks appear to be missing. The highly anticipated album, Cowboy Carter, was released to rave reviews, with critics calling it a “masterpiece” and a “slick and starry Western epic.” However, some of the standout tracks like Ya Ya and Spaghetti are notably absent from the vinyl edition, prompting fans to voice their frustration on social media platforms like Reddit and TikTok.

While Beyoncé’s representatives have not yet commented on the issue, fans who pre-ordered the vinyl album for £32 from Beyoncé’s website are feeling let down by the missing tracks. Vinyl collectors Matt and Juan took to TikTok to share their disappointment, citing the absence of fan-favorite songs like Spaghetti, Flamenco, The Linda Martell Show, Ya Ya, and Oh Louisiana.

It’s unclear if all vinyl copies are affected by the omission of tracks, but fans have also reported that CD copies are missing four songs, sparking further outrage online. The sudden change in the album’s tracklist is speculated to be a result of last-minute additions by Beyoncé, causing production delays and impacting physical copies of the album.

While artists like Beyoncé and Kanye West have a history of tweaking their albums post-release, fans are questioning why the physical copies of Cowboy Carter are incomplete. The unexpected modifications to the album’s content have left fans demanding explanations and potential refunds or discounts for the incomplete product they received.

Further adding to the confusion, some fans noticed that the album spine labeled “Act ii: Beyincé” instead of Cowboy Carter, hinting at a possible last-minute title change. The reference to Beyoncé’s ancestral surname, Beyincé, sheds light on her family history and the marginalization of black people, a recurring theme in the album’s narrative.

Beyoncé’s deliberate blend of country, folk, hip-hop, and pop genres in Cowboy Carter aims to challenge racial divides in music and modern production techniques. The album features organic sounds and real instruments to create a unique sonic experience, deviating from the digital filters and AI prevalent in contemporary pop music.

Despite the missing tracks on the vinyl and CD copies, Beyoncé’s creative vision and storytelling in Cowboy Carter have been highly acclaimed, with fans and critics praising her bold exploration of musical genres and cultural themes. As the controversy surrounding the album continues to unfold, fans are hopeful for a resolution from Beyoncé and her team to address the discrepancies and provide clarity to disappointed listeners.