Doritos Ends Partnership with Influencer Over Controversial Posts

Doritos recently cut ties with transgender influencer Samantha Hudson after past controversial social media posts resurfaced, causing outrage among right-wing activists in the US. The company, owned by Pepsico, condemned Hudson’s deleted tweets from 2015 that contained inappropriate remarks about violence and paedophilia. Although Hudson apologized for her past actions, the damage was done, leading to a boycott campaign against Doritos initiated by some conservative groups, reminiscent of a similar incident with Bud Light and transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney last year. The controversy highlights the power of social media in influencing brand partnerships and consumer behavior, as companies increasingly face scrutiny over their affiliations with public figures. As the public becomes more vocal in holding brands accountable for their associations, it is crucial for companies to vet influencers thoroughly to avoid potential backlash that could negatively impact their reputation and sales.