Devastation caused by severe storm in Argentina

On Saturday, eastern Argentina was hit by a severe storm, bringing heavy rain and winds of 150km/h (93mph), resulting in fourteen fatalities and widespread destruction. The storm first struck the port city of Bahia Blanca, causing damage to buildings and power outages, before moving towards the capital, Buenos Aires, on Sunday. Tragically, thirteen people lost their lives when part of the roof of a sports center collapsed during a roller skating competition in Bahia Blanca. Another fourteen individuals were injured, and rescue efforts were focused on freeing those trapped under the rubble. This devastating event occurred just a week after the new president, Javier Milei, took office, further compounding the challenges faced by the nation. Two additional deaths were reported in neighboring Uruguay, where roofs were ripped off and trees were toppled as a result of the storm. The impact of this natural disaster has left communities reeling and in need of assistance to recover and rebuild. The government, led by President Milei, has pledged support and collaboration with provincial and municipal authorities to aid the affected regions and minimize further damage. The storm’s aftermath reveals a landscape strewn with fallen trees, crushed cars, and damaged infrastructure. The resilience and determination of the people of Argentina will be tested as they work together to clean up debris, restore services, and heal from this tragic event.