Celebrating the Life of Quobna Cugoano: A Forgotten Hero of the Abolitionist Movement

London church honours Ghanaian-born freed slave and abolitionist Quobna Ottobah Cugoano for his significant role in the abolition of the slave trade and slavery in the 18th Century British society. Cugoano’s story, although not widely known, serves as a reminder of the struggles and triumphs faced by enslaved Africans during the era of the Transatlantic slave trade. Artist Che Lovelace creates a stunning artwork to commemorate Cugoano’s life and legacy, shedding light on the hidden figures and stories from history that deserve recognition and remembrance. His artwork, consisting of four paintings titled River, Passage, Spirit, and Vision of the Birds, captures the resilience and transformative journey experienced by Cugoano and millions of other enslaved Africans. The artwork is installed in St James’s Church, known as the “Artists’ Church” due to its historical connection with artists such as William Blake. This artistic tribute symbolizes a baptism or rite of passage and invites reflection on the past, while envisioning a vibrant future that acknowledges and learns from history.