Bhagwa Love Trap: The Dangerous Online Trend Fueling Violence in India

The “Bhagwa Love Trap” theory, a reverse theory of “love jihad” alleging that Hindu men are trying to seduce Muslim women, is gaining traction in India. Despite lack of evidence, this theory has spread on social media and has led to real-world violence. Interfaith relationships are still taboo in conservative Indian families, and the theory suggests that Hindu men are using love to lure Muslim women away from their communities. While there is no evidence to support this theory, videos allegedly showing incidents related to the “Bhagwa Love Trap” have gained millions of views on various platforms. Proponents of this theory claim that Hindutva leaders actively encourage Hindu men to pursue Muslim women. However, independent investigations by news organizations have found no proof of the “Bhagwa Love Trap” or “love jihad” conspiracies. Despite the lack of evidence, these theories continue to impact India’s political discourse and contribute to religious divisions in the country. The spread of these theories on social media highlights the need for greater scrutiny of online content and the potential for harmful real-world consequences.