Benjamin Netanyahu’s Upcoming Address to US Congress and its Impact on Israel-US Relations

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is set to address US lawmakers in Washington DC on 24 July, amid the ongoing Israel-Gaza conflict. This comes as the relationship between the US and Israel has grown tense, with Democrats expressing concerns over Israel’s military actions in Gaza. Netanyahu’s speech is expected to focus on the Israeli government’s vision for defending democracy, combating terror, and establishing peace in the region. The Prime Minister’s visit follows the ICC’s application for his arrest warrants in connection with the war, which he vehemently rejected, denouncing the comparison of Israel to “mass murderers”. The speech is likely to be met with mixed reactions, with some US Democrats planning to boycott it in protest against Israel’s actions. President Joe Biden has also faced pressure to do more to convince Israel to limit its military operations in Gaza, as the death toll continues to rise on both sides. The President recently announced a ceasefire plan that includes humanitarian aid, hostage exchanges, and a permanent end to the conflict, but has faced opposition from parts of Israel’s government.