Austrian Newlyweds Missing in Greek Floods: Prayers and Efforts to Find the Couple

An Austrian couple on their honeymoon in Greece is missing after their holiday home was swept away by torrential rains. The devastating floods have caused widespread damage and claimed multiple lives in the region. Emergency services are tirelessly searching for the missing couple and others who may be trapped or stranded due to the floods.

The disastrous weather conditions struck central Greece, submerging entire villages and leaving people stranded on the rooftops. Storm Daniel, which has affected Greece, Turkey, and Bulgaria, has already resulted in the loss of at least a dozen lives. The Austrian newlyweds sought refuge in their rented bungalow in the beach resort of Potistika, near Mount Pelion, as heavy rainfall pounded the area. However, their temporary haven succumbed to the force of flash floods, washing away their hopes and dreams.

The Greek Fire brigade has deployed rescue teams to the affected areas, including the one where the Austrian couple went missing. The region has received an unprecedented amount of rainfall, with some areas recording up to 800mm (31.5 inches) in just a few days. This is far more than the average annual precipitation, turning the Karditsa plain into a massive “lake” and leaving villages around Palamas submerged.

The mayor of Palamas, Giorgos Sakellariou, made a heartfelt plea for assistance on national television, describing the situation as tragic and dire. People are trapped in their homes, facing imminent danger as the floodwaters continue to rise. The desperate plea for help echoes throughout the region, with fears of people drowning in the relentless deluge.

The severe weather conditions have not spared Athens, Skiathos Island, and coastal areas around Volos and Pelion. The impact of the storms has been so severe that Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis had to cancel a significant government engagement scheduled for the weekend. The crisis demands immediate attention and resources to mitigate further loss of life and property damage.

Storm Daniel, which has wreaked havoc across Greece, Turkey, and Bulgaria since Monday, serves as a stark reminder of the increasingly frequent and destructive extreme weather events linked to climate change. It is crucial that governments, communities, and individuals take urgent action to address and adapt to the growing climate crisis. Failure to do so will only result in more tragedies like the one currently unfolding in Greece.

As the search and rescue efforts continue, our thoughts and prayers are with the missing Austrian couple, their families, and all those affected by the devastating floods. We hope for their safe return and stand in solidarity with the communities grappling with the aftermath of this natural disaster. Let us not forget the urgent need to prioritize climate action and work towards a more sustainable future that safeguards lives and preserves our planet for generations to come.