Apple to provide software update for iPhone 12 in France after radiation concerns

Apple has announced that it will be delivering a software update for iPhone 12 users in France, following concerns about radiation levels in the country. The move comes after the French regulator, ANFR, detected excessive electromagnetic radiation emitted by the iPhone 12, leading to a halt in sales. Apple has stated that the software update will only apply to users in France, where a specific testing protocol exists.

The American tech giant has suggested that the radiation findings are a result of the testing regime employed by French regulators, and that it does not pose a safety concern. The World Health Organization (WHO) has also previously stated that exposure to low-level electromagnetic fields emitted by mobile phones is not harmful to humans.

The ANFR will test the new software update to ensure compliance before allowing the iPhone 12 to be sold in the country once again. However, the planned update has raised questions about the future plans for iPhone 12 in other countries where similar testing protocols may not exist.

In response to the radiation findings, Apple has reaffirmed that the iPhone 12 complies with emissions rules worldwide. It has also expressed its intention to issue the software update specifically for users in France, to accommodate the protocol used by French regulators. Apple has supplied the ANFR with lab results from both itself and third parties, demonstrating compliance with relevant rules.

However, France’s digital minister, Jean-Noel Barrot, has given Apple a two-week deadline to address the radiation concerns. He believes that there could be a “snowball effect” as France shares its findings with other regulators across the European Union (EU). Regulators from Belgium, the Netherlands, and Germany have already stated that they are now examining the issue.

The BNetzA network agency in Germany has informed the BBC that the French investigation could potentially result in measures that apply to all EU member states. This indicates that the impact of the radiation concerns on iPhone 12 sales and usage may extend beyond France.

It is important to note that the UK and US have not yet announced any actions in response to the French ban. However, with other EU countries now investigating the issue, it remains to be seen whether further regulatory measures will be implemented.

Overall, Apple’s decision to provide a software update for iPhone 12 in France reflects its commitment to addressing radiation concerns raised by the ANFR. The impact of this update on iPhone 12 usage and sales in France will depend on the outcome of the ANFR’s compliance testing. Additionally, the examination of the issue by regulators in other EU countries indicates the potential for wider repercussions on iPhone 12 sales throughout Europe. It is crucial for Apple to ensure that its devices comply with regulatory standards in each country to maintain consumer trust and avoid further bans or restrictions.