Analysis: Biden’s Israeli Proposal for Ending Gaza War

US President Joe Biden has put forth a three-part proposal to end the conflict in Gaza, urging Hamas to accept the deal. The proposal includes a six-week ceasefire, exchange of hostages for Palestinian prisoners, surge of humanitarian aid, and a plan for a permanent cessation of hostilities and reconstruction in Gaza. Biden has emphasized the need for a full ceasefire and withdrawal of IDF forces from populated areas, along with the return of all hostages and major reconstruction efforts. While the proposal includes concessions to draw Hamas back to negotiations, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has insisted that the war will not end until its goals are achieved. The proposal has been transmitted to Hamas through mediators based in Qatar, with the hope of bringing an end to the conflict that has resulted in significant civilian casualties. President Biden has faced criticism over US support for Israel amidst the escalating violence, but the White House has stated that it does not see Israeli operations in Rafah as a trigger for changing US policy. The war, which began in October with a deadly attack by Hamas on Israel, has resulted in thousands of casualties on both sides, raising urgent calls for peace and negotiations.