Allies rally around Modi for third term after election setback

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is set to secure a third term in office despite facing a setback in the recent election results, having to rely on smaller parties for coalition support. With his National Democratic Alliance (NDA) backing him for another term, Modi is gearing up to be sworn in again, though the larger opposition is yet to concede defeat. Modi’s party, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), has emerged as the largest party in the Lok Sabha with 240 seats after the weeks-long election process. However, this is a notable decline from the 303 seats won in the previous election, leading to the need for NDA allies to form a government.

The support for Modi as the leader of NDA was unanimous in the meeting held at his Delhi residence, with a focus on serving various sections of society, according to an NDA release. Despite the victory, questions remain about the concessions made by BJP to its coalition partners and the dynamics of the new government. This marks a shift for Modi, who will now lead a coalition government with a majority for the first time, suggesting a different governance approach for the next five years.

Analysts see this development as a potential gateway to a more inclusive and democratic governance style from Modi, considering the necessity of navigating different viewpoints within the coalition. The push for more representation from various groups could influence the decision-making processes and policies in the upcoming tenure. On the other hand, the opposition has been vocal about the result, citing it as a rejection of Modi’s political approach, emphasizing the need for a different direction in Indian politics.

The recent election, which witnessed high voter turnout across the country despite extreme weather conditions, reflects the active participation and engagement of the Indian electorate. With the world’s largest democratic exercise concluding, the focus now shifts to the formation of the new government and the policy directions it will undertake. As India prepares for Modi’s continuation in office, the expectations and challenges of the upcoming tenure loom large, setting the stage for a potentially transformative phase in Indian politics.