Alleged Drug Trafficker Sends Video Thanking Police for Assistance

In a surprising turn of events, an alleged drug trafficker named Sebastián Marset has sent a video to the media expressing his gratitude towards the Bolivian police for providing him with prior warning of an attempt to arrest him. This incident occurred after Bolivian officers raided Marset’s residence in Santa Cruz, Bolivia on Saturday. Despite the extensive efforts made by the police, Marset managed to escape along with his wife and children. Although Bolivian police have denied giving him any tip-off, they continue their search to apprehend him. The fugitive has become the subject of an international manhunt, as he is wanted not only in his native country of Uruguay, but also in Brazil, Paraguay, and the United States.

To locate Marset, more than 2,250 police officers have been deployed, but he has thus far eluded capture. During the initial arrest attempt, the suspect’s bodyguards took one of the officers hostage, allowing Marset to escape. Subsequently, the police have conducted searches of multiple properties and arrested a dozen individuals with alleged connections to the fugitive. However, their efforts have failed to locate Marset thus far.In a video message sent to Bolivian media on Wednesday, Marset appeared to defend those who had been arrested and attempted to absolve them of any involvement in his illicit activities. He explicitly stated that the individuals facing legal trouble had no association with his criminal enterprise and expressed dismay at the impact his actions had on them. Furthermore, Marset expressed his gratitude towards the director of Bolivia’s Special Force against Drug Trafficking, claiming that the director had warned him about an imminent arrest warrant. He asserted that he managed to flee with the assistance of this individual and conveyed his appreciation for aiding his escape.The director of the Felcn, Ismael Villca, has vehemently denied having provided any assistance to Marset and vehemently condemned the fugitive’s claims. He asserted that he would not allow his 30-year career to be tarnished by the false statements of a drug trafficker. Villca emphasized that the police had conducted themselves impeccably in their pursuit of Marset. The hunt for the alleged drug trafficker has gained significant attention from the US Drug Enforcement Administration, as well as South American countries affected by his drug smuggling activities.Marset has been charged with leading an international drugs cartel referred to as PCU or First Uruguayan Cartel. This criminal organization is responsible for smuggling cocaine from Paraguay through Uruguay to Europe. Additionally, Marset has been accused by the Colombian president of ordering the killing of Marcelo Pecci, a Paraguayan anti-crime prosecutor who was tragically murdered while on his honeymoon in Colombia. Pecci played a pivotal role in “A Ultranza Py,”, a major operation targeting cocaine trafficking and money laundering in Paraguay. Prosecutors have alleged that he was assassinated in retaliation for disrupting the lucrative criminal enterprise.Bolivian authorities have intensified their efforts to apprehend the fugitive, recognizing the significance of the case on both a national and international scale. Their actions have drawn attention from law enforcement agencies across South America, as they strive to bring Marset to justice and dismantle his drug smuggling network. As the manhunt continues, the story continues to grab headlines, underscoring the challenges faced by law enforcement in combating transnational organized crime.